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Are you ready to take on his challenges?

What challenges do you want to take on? Select from the list:

  • Do you like chicken? Try vegetarian alternatives to your favourite dishes.
  • Where do you buy coffee? Check if your favourite café and your school cafeteria serves sustainability-labelled coffee. If not, tell them that it’s time to to start.
  • Find and taste four organic chocolates from around the world. Which will be your new favourite?
  • Insist on responsibly produced palm oil – ask for it in the store and only buy products from companies that use 100 percent organic or RSPO-certified palm oil.

Tell everyone you know about what you’ve been doing and write about the challenges you’ve met on your social media. Post to hashtag #Eat4Change, so we can follow your adventures!

Feel free to comment below letting us know which challenges you’ve taken on.

Vi vill gärna veta vad du tycker och tänker!

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