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Are you ready to take on her challenges?

What challenges are you prepared to face? Choose from the list!

  • Fill in meals for the coming three days in the Food Calculator. If the climate impact is too high ­– can you change something that will let you move into green zone?
  • Find two vegetarian recipes you are keen to try and bring them along to the next session.
  • Tell five friends about the Food Calculator.
  • Check the Vego Guide (only available in Swedish, calculated on the basis of Swedish conditions). Can you locate a foodstuff that has a green go-ahead you haven’t tried yet? Go out and try to get hold of some and see what it tastes like!

Tell everyone you know about what you’ve been doing and describe on your social media how you got on with the challenges you were given. Post to #Eat4Change, so we can follow your adventures!

Please leave a comment below and list the challenges you chose to accept.

Vi vill gärna veta vad du tycker och tänker!

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