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Meet our secret guests – yes, there are two of them!

Okay, who do you think are the guests in this session? You’ll soon find out!

All films have English subtitles, you find them in ”settings” (the cogwheels down to the right in the YouTube window).

Aha, so it is not the transport from the field to retail outlets that has the biggest impact, but rather how we travel to the store when we go shopping. Can you get to the store in a more environmentally friendly way next time? Otherwise, it is in the actual production of the food that the major emissions occur. So how the food is prepared is more important than where this takes place. Since vegetables have a significantly lower environmental impact than meat overall, transport becomes a larger proportion of the total emissions caused by their cultivation.

For this reason, the kind of food we put on the plate is important. But have we “always” eaten in much the same way as we do today?