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Now that you have completed the entire course, you are a real Eat4changer. Help us influence and spread the word and the new ways of doing things!

Do you want to learn more about planet-based diets?

Then you should visit Planet-based diets’ homepage

WWFs konsumentguider

För att du som konsument ska kunna göra mer informerade och smarta val av mat när du är i butiken eller restaurangen, så har vi skapat en app Matguiden – där vi samlat alla WWFs tre konsumentguider:  FiskguidenKöttguiden och Vegoguiden.
Du kan även räkna ut matens klimatavtryck i Matkalkylatorn.

What will we grow and eat in the future?

See what the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU Future Foods is working on.

Like podcasts?

Feed is a food system podcast made by Table.

More about food waste

Driven to Waste Global Food Loss on Farms | WWF (panda.org)