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First a little cupboard check, what have you already got at home?

Before you move on to this segment, above all you’ll need to check your kitchen cupboards and fridges and decide whether you can compose a dish from what you already have at hand, and which might otherwise run the risk of being thrown away. It is quite easy to find recipes online, just enter the ingredients you have and want to use up in a search engine. Maybe you’ll need to supplement with something from the shops, in that case it’s time to buy it now.

If you have trouble figuring out what to cook, you can follow the gang’s example and bake a pie. You’ll find some recipes here:

Links to the Spinach and mushroom pie with feta cheese  and the Vegan pie with spinach and mushrooms

Now that you have checked your cupboards and perhaps run down to the shops, it’s time to watch the first video clip.